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Hello our names are Mark and Ali, we have both been practising and teaching yoga for a number of years.  We have both been trained here in the UK and continue to study with our teacher of 15 years in India.

The yoga we teach is all inclusive and draws inspiration from the many schools of yoga. A typical class will have a warm up, a vinyasa (flow) sequence, and some standing and floor postures (asanas). Most importantly in this ever increasingly busy and stressful world there will be time for mindfulness meditation and relaxation. This is an area that is so often missed or not given enough priority in many yoga classes. Although Yoga will make you stronger, fitter, and more flexible, Yoga is much more than a physical practice. Yoga has profound affects on so many levels helping you to feel calmer, brighter, lighter, and more grounded.

We also offer private tuition and can tailor a class to suit.

So please come and join us and experience the beauty that yoga has to offer.


If you have any questions or would like any further information please call us on 07831 377712 Mark   or Ali 07831 377711

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