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What Yoga Can Do For You

Yogis have a simile

There is a carriage being pulled by 5 horses with a driver and a passenger.

The carriage represents our body which is in terrible disrepair,

The horses represent our 5 senses which are untamed,

The driver represents our mind which is unfocused and possibly drunk.

The passenger represents our soul which is sound asleep dreaming.

So the purpose of yoga is to repair the carriage , the body, tame the horses the senses,

Sober and focus the driver, the mind, and to awaken the passenger from his sleep.


Whereas traditional fitness regimes aim on beauty and health only. Yoga helps us to calm the storm in our mind, the blaring noise that can keep us awake at 4 in the morning, thinking about our job, our relationship, or whatever drama we are participating in. Some of the biggest selling drugs in America are anti-depressants and anti-ulcer drugs. Depression and stress are epidemic so it doesn’t matter how beautiful we think we are, or how material wealthy we are. If inside we are miserable. As we all know when we experience stress or depression this can affect our entire family, and may have an impact on our further reaching community too. But what is also true, is that if we spend a relatively short period of time each week, elevating our consciousness, elevating our health, our vitality and becoming more relaxed, and we can also elevate our family and our community and in this way we help to heal the world, remember where ever, whenever we start our yoga practice…… is perfect.



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